Our Process

At Ramp our goal is to deliver a website that you love! We approach each new website with an open mind, looking for how we can fulfill your vision and help you achieve your goals.

There are a few common steps that we find to be helpful guidelines to efficiently produce awesome websites!


Our first step towards creating a new website is to talk to you and learn about you, your organization, and understand your needs for your new website. We want you to voice your concerns, the barriers you’re running into currently, and determine what we can do to help alleviate these hurdles. 
Goal: Discuss your website needs and define your vision for the site.


A sitemap is a general outline of the page structure for your website. During this phase we work to outline what pages you want on your website and loosely define what is included on each of those pages. 
Goal: A bulleted list of your pages with a quick description of content for each page.

Website Text

The next step is determining the wording that will be on each page of your sitemap. It’s recommended that this step is done separate from any styling or imagery in a text-only format which will allow for flexibility and creativeness in the design phase. By doing the text this way it allows you to focus on what you want to say to your readers without having to worry what it’s going to look like.
Goal: Create a document containing the wording for each page of your sitemap.


Website Imagery

A picture is truly worth a thousand words. High quality website imagery can be extremely helpful in promoting your brand and strengthening the text on your pages. We’d love to use any quality photos you have of yourself, your business, or interactions with your clients. If you don’t have these images we can select relevant imagery for you that can be replaced at a later time.
Goal: A digital folder of images that can be used throughout your website. 


Design & Development

Each site is custom built to match the design vision that you have and present your content in a clean and easy to navigate format. We work with you to create a site that you feel confident in.
Goal: Ramp codes a custom website on our servers for you to review before publishing.

Maintenance & Updates

For Ramp members we take care of all the technical maintenance of your website including security and software updates. We are available to coach you through updating your blog and we can contract site additions and changes on a case-by-case basis. 
Goal: Ramp will take care of the technical upkeep of your website.

Ready to create your website?