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Define Your Brand

Every brand has a perception that can be condensed to just a few words.

Apple could be defined as innovative, clean, and modern. Nike brings to mind words like strength, aggression, and competition. Ford Trucks are perceived as industrial, rugged, and tough.

These words are all associated with these brands through marketing. For example, Apple is perceived as clean because all of their marketing is done with a clutter-free white background.

How is your brand perceived?

It’s important to realize that the perception of the companies mentioned is the result of marketing – it’s not just a coincidence. While many people think of marketing as simply driving sales there’s another side to it that’s all about building a brand’s perception.

If someone were to look at your marketing (your website, your social media, or your newsletter) what would they perceive about your brand? Do you have a desired perception already defined?

Step 1: Define your brand words.

It’s important to define how you want your brand to be perceived. One great way to do this is to select a handful of words that you want to be synonymous with your brand.

When I started Ramp I picked 5 words that I want to be synonymous with my brand. I want people to be able to describe their experience with Ramp using these words:

  • Wise – I want to be a source of wisdom for digital marketing that people can trust.
  • Niche – I want customers to know that I’m not trying to be all things to all people. I’m here to specifically help small businesses & non-profits with digital marketing.
  • Practical – I want my products and suggestions to be affordable and lead to great results.
  • Playful – I want to enjoy my work and have fun with clients.
  • Curious – I want to keep asking “Why?” instead of doing it the same every time.

Step 2: Filter your marketing.

Once you’ve defined your brand words it’s important to filter your marketing through these words. Ask yourself; “Does this post/blog/email hit on my brand words?” This is something I do every time I write a new blog post. I make sure that it’s providing some wisdom, it fits my customer base, it’s easy to implement, and I often try to throw some humor in there as well.

Define before you’re defined.

What words would you use to define your brand? Your customers and potential customers will all have a perception of you and you get a chance to define that perception. Define your brand before it’s defined for you.

If you are interested in developing brand words for your markeing let me know! I’d love to help you out!


  • These are not the words that define my company’s brand, but they are the words that guide all branding efforts from a press release to a global campaign, so I think it’s somewhat related to the point of this article:

    Confident: Expressing a single-minded point of view with impact, clarity and conviction. Being a leader.
    Clear: Simple, focused and uncluttered in style. Getting to the point.
    Human: Making an emotive connection, and always getting to the heart of what matters.

  • Courtney Morrison says:

    Good points Isaac. If you haven’t, you should read the book “Start With Why.” It touches on these subjects.

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