Don’t Be Like Bill – Generate Leads From Your Site

Do you remember when you got your first job? Bill is looking for his first job and has a lot to teach us about marketing our websites to more clients.

The story of Bill

Bill just graduated from State and has decided that it’s time to get a grown up job. He talks to his friends who are also looking for their first job and get’s some great tips.

  • “Create a professional resume.”
  • “Get a haircut!”
  • “Wear a nice suit and tie.”

He follows all this advice with great care because he wants to get a great job with a reputable firm. First Bill puts together an nicely organized impressive resume from a Microsoft Word template and prints it on a thick card stock.

Bill wants to look his best for interviews so he pays for a very professional looking haircut. He puts on his nicest dark suit with a freshly ironed white dress shirt and a black tie. Bill is ready to close the interview with anyone who’s interested in hiring him.

The problem is, nobody knows Bill!

Despite being ready to make a great first impression nobody knows Bill’s available for hire. While Bill has done many things correctly to present himself well to future employers there’s no magic button you press to create interviews.

The same is true when it comes to generating traffic to our websites. We can have the best looking website in the world and nobody will find it!

Getting ready for the interview…digitally

When you create a new website for your company it’s similar to getting dressed up for an interview. You’re presenting yourself to new clients and you want to look nice. Readers should be able to easily navigate through the story of your company similar to how an employer looks through a resume.

“A website is a digital interview for potential clients.”

Many people think of SEO as a one time action on a website to generate leads. Instead there’s different parts of SEO that are important. Your site does need to be built correctly for Google to view it as a reputable resources for people. Also, you have to start priming the pump by generating traffic through social media, blogging, and other outlets.

Building a website correctly is equivalent to putting on a suit for an interview. It’s an important step but that alone won’t generate new leads.

Creating more interviews

The more interviews you have the more likely you are to get a job offer from an employer. Similarly, the more “interviews” you create on your website the more job offers you’re going to get.

Far too often companies fall into the same trap Bill did. They get a great looking new website and expect the leads to come flooding in. There may be an initial surge of clients who are interested in the new site but after that things dry up. Without consistent marketing efforts backing up the website it won’t drive leads on it’s own.

Don’t be like Bill

Are you having trouble getting the kind of traffic you want for your site? Don’t be like Bill – expecting everything to magically fall into place. It takes time to build your online marketing and we’re here to help. We’ve put together a free resource to dive deeper with 3 Steps to Improve Your Online Presence and Grow Sales. If you’re ready to generate more leads from your website this free report will help you get traction with your online marketing.

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